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Platinum Thin-Film Technology

High-precision sensor solutions – manufacturing process
Core Technology
The manufacturing of our products is based on platinum thin-film technology. This relies on micro-structured film connections made of ceramic, metal and glass. In contrast to alternative sensor technology, Pt thin-film technology allows for the manufacture of products enduring use over wide temperature ranges, with minimal drift. The sensor technology developed by Heraeus Sensor Technology features sturdiness, high precision, and long-term stability – even under the toughest conditions.
Manufacturing Process
During an initial production step, precisely doped platinum is vapor deposited full faced on Al2O3 substrates in high vacuum. An extremely fine meander structure, or electrode structure (depending upon the specific product), is then transferred onto the platinum substrate blank via photolithography under clean room conditions (up to class 1000). The finished sensor element is created by etching away redundant platinum then further processed into its various versions.
Individual Versions
Besides standard products, we will gladly manufacture individual low-cost solutions in serial production for your specific application. It is part of the company's philosophy to contribute to the optimization of customer-specific designs using our own know-how. We analyze each inquiry for feasibility and test product ideas. Informational meetings are followed by first estimations, realization tests, and finally by jointly specifying major product features. The development phase is concluded thru product qualification tests customary to the industry, and, parallel to that, optimization of process-technological parameters for reliable and efficient serial production.
Cooperation beyond Production
However, this does not complete projects with Heraeus Sensor Technology. After the start of serial production, together with the customer, products and processes will be continuously adjusted to the status of development. Growth in experience and permanent generation of knowledge are explicit objectives of the company.
We will assist you as your expert partner in the development of an optimal solution. Contact us!